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Interior Design Ideas

Using interior design ideas to create a professional look in your home and making spaces inside more efficient has become the challenge of many home owners. The spaces we have to work and live in are getting smaller and smaller while the tasks and responsibilities are getting bigger. Here are some ideas and tips for interior designing modern homes.

Making small spaces bigger

Nooks and crannies in a home can sometimes be a nightmare for an interior designer, but from the functional aspect of a home these are perfect storage areas. Used effectively you can stack all of your belongings away to achieve a clean, minimalist style. Here are some interior design ideas to use with small spaces.

  • Making them look bigger is often a great start. The area looks less cluttered and is not as smothering. Paint the walls all in white but with long rooms paint the ceiling a darker colour to bring it lower down. White furnishings are a very elegant touch. Beautiful as a guest room.
  • Don’t use the floor, use the walls. With tables, chairs, bookshelves and beds all taking up space on the floor it can be difficult to get around a small room. Fix bookshelves or shelving on the wall, possibly converting it to a narrow cupboard with doors if you are going the minimalist route.
  • Stack shelving in a corner using the bottom shelf as a dressing table under which you can slot a chair. Lovely for a little girl’s room.

Brighten up your bathroom

Paint can go a long way to giving your home and airy feel. The bathroom is an area that you can play well with and for those that receive a lot of light you can incorporate many interior design ideas here. A multi coloured feature wall can bring summer into your space. Decide on the colours by choosing three to four warm or cool colours including white. Divide up the wall in vertical stripes using masking tape, varying the widths. This feature wall will open up the rest of the bathroom. Decorate with solid colour bath linen.

Interior Design IdeasAdd elegance to your living room

Once again a feature wall in a living room can add a certain amount of style. Research some basic patterns that can be printed and using silicone sheeting, make a stencil. Use the stencil to create the effect of wall paper on your living room walls. While this does have the effect of closing the room in slightly, it creates a warm, cosy space. Add scatter cushions and dim lighting.

Open plan living areas

Newer houses have a serious space limitation and as such the interiors have been left open plan to create the illusion of space. While this gives a great impression of space, living in it does not always add comfort. Some interior design ideas focus on closing up the spaces with classic style wooden partitions adding style and flexibility. There are many more interior design ideas that can be used to enhance the function or comfort of a home.