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Interior Design Courses

Knowing what typical interior design courses qualify you to do is important. Interior design courses in essence teach you to design the interior of a building. While this goes for the interior spaces it also means products. Interior spaces is not just the division of rooms, it would include the setup of a kitchen for example where the new trend has been to place a worktable in the centre of the kitchen to make the kitchen space more efficient.

When considering the various options for interior design courses there are many different types of interiors that you would focus on. For example:


The working space inside an open plan office or a factory or even a shop floor are not just about making the place look good, it is also about functionality. The space needs to be designed to accommodate the flow of work and in this case form definitely will follow the function.

Interior Design CoursesHomes

This is the most obvious category and many students see themselves designing elaborate wall hangings or furnishing vast dining rooms. Interior design courses have paid a lot of attention to the average home and making small spaces efficient since these will be your regular clients. Builders and architects in the construction business are looking for interior designers to make their limitations work.

Interior products

An interior product is essentially furniture. It is about making furniture aesthetically pleasing, making it more functional and useful in small spaces. An example would be an embedded headboard that incorporates a bookshelf and lamp stands. This frees up a lot of floor space that can be sliced off the blueprint saving building materials and space.
What will the course cover?

  • Interior design is not just about creativity, it is about combining that with a knowledge of construction.
  • Being able to present your ideas is key since you are working as part of a team. Interior design courses will teach you how to sketch an artist’s impression, construct models and presentation samples.
  • One of the most important aspects of your course is being able to effectively use interior design software (CAD).
  • The truth is that many interior designers start their own consultancies and you will find that some of the very best courses offer business skills.

Part time or full time

Embarking on a career in interior design may be something you decided to do right after leaving school and in this case your very best bet is to register for a three year diploma which offers the full spectrum of interior design including work opportunities to expose you to the market. Part time interior design courses are also available as a refresher course to currently qualified designers or for those looking for a career path change. These will cover each aspect one at a time and over a period of time give the student a broad base from which to work. No matter your needs you will be able to find a course that is as flexible as you are.